In Memorium: Fredrik Heffermehl

It’s a sad message I just received: Fredrik Heffermehl died today. It is only 6 weeks since Fredrik proudly launched his life’s work, an English translation of his book “The Real Nobel Peace Prize – a squandered opportunity to abolish war.”

With Fredrik Heffermehl’s passing, a champion of disarmament and the fight against weapons and war passes away – in the midst of a time that is more than ever characterised by the forces of death and war.

Fredrik was prepared for the fact that his health would not give him many years, but first and foremost he was worried that he would not live to see the publication of this book. But the old giant lived to see it!

In the company of good anti-war friends, he celebrated his 85th birthday both at home in Åsgårdstrand and at the Continental Hotel in Oslo on November 11, the actual day of peace.

As a lawyer, Fredrik was outraged that the Norwegian Nobel Committee sovereignly defined its mandate and ignored the will of the testator to award the prize to advocates for the reduction of armies, disarmament and the fraternisation of peoples, and that they instead chose a broad and populist understanding where they seek advocates for “good causes,” such as the environment, human rights and social work.

In this way, the committee robbed Nobel funds – year after year – from vital disarmament work, according to Fredrik.

11 November this year was a true celebration for Fredrik, with many honoring him for his lifelong work in the peace movement. With his family, whom he appreciated so much, and friends present, he was able to say what today seems like a warm and meaningful goodbye.

I will miss him, his assertiveness, his daily phone calls, his energy and unwavering compass – a good, honest and close friend.

Thank you, Fredrik!